Review: Barbary chocolates

Review: Barbary chocolates

Barbary are a new luxury boutique chocolate brand in London selling single-origin, handmade chocolates. I was lucky enough to receive a box to try – here’s what I thought…

Named after the former Barbary coast in North Africa, Barbary specialise in creating single origin chocolates, each using one of five different types of cacao bean from around the world, details of which you can find on their website. As each country’s beans have such different flavours, creating single origin chocolates means you get to taste the uniqueness of each bean. My box were all Ecuadorian.

The first thing that strikes you when you open the black and gold box is how beautiful these chocolates are. Each one is a real piece of art and you can really see the love and detail that’s gone in to them. The colours are incredibly vivid and I think it’s one of the most stunning boxes of chocolates that I’ve ever seen (which is saying something!).

The crisp chocolate shells are even, silky and smooth, filled with some of the creamiest, thickest, most luxurious handmade caramel that I’ve had the good fortune to try. You can really taste the quality of the ingredients and everything about these chocolates feels like a special treat.

The solid milk chocolate hearts and caramel-filled domes in my box were 39% milk, whilst the squares were 70% dark with a deep chocolatey after-taste.

At £20 for a box this size, if you’re looking for chocolates for a special occasion for someone who really appreciates amazing quality chocolate, I can’t think of a nicer gift.

There is also a member’s club which promises to send different handmade pralines each month and I am very, very tempted to join as a monthly treat for myself! I’m keen to try their different flavours too. If they grow from strength to strength (which I’m sure they will), I can see them becoming a competitor to Paul A Young and ilk, which in my book is very high praise indeed!


I was kindly gifted this lovely box of chocolates to try and review, but as always the opinion is completely honest and 100% mine.

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