Top 5 Favourite September Finds

Top 5 Favourite September Finds

Each month I’m picking five of my favourite food and drink finds which don’t necessarily warrant whole posts but deserve some recognition all the same! Here are my September picks in no particular order.

1. Krispy Kreme x Selfridges doughnuts

I love good doughnuts, not as much as I love chocolate but they’re definitely up there. I’ve had some amazing ones in London (as well as some really rubbish ones) and Krispy Kreme are a consistent safe bet. Wandering around Selfridge’s food hall (a dangerous place for my bank account) I found that they do hand-finished fancy flavour ones exclusive to Selfridges. I went for the Gianduja, hazelnut and chocolate one finished with gold dust and the rose and pistachio one. The Gianduja one was insanely good, the rose one was slightly less amazing but still tasty. You can bet I’ll be heading back to try all of the other flavours (and probably to get a few more Gianduja ones) soon.


Krispy Kreme x Selfridges doughnut


2. Kiwi Berries, M&S

They’re back! I love kiwis and I love berries so these cute little kiwi berries/baby kiwis are some of my favourites but difficult to find. They’re like a very juicy, slightly bigger, green blueberry with a sweet inside and sour skin (which you eat as it isn’t furry like kiwi skin). Lidl also sometimes sell them so keep an eye out if you’re a fan of kiwis and berries. Ate these before I could get a picture… oops.

3. Lindt Orange bars

Lindt may not be my favourite go to chocolate for bars, but their new chocolate orange bars are amazing. They’re similar in consistency to the balls they do but in bar form. Silky and orangey and all kinds of yes. Yum.



4. Divine Orange and Ginger

In keeping with the the theme of orange chocolate, (because frankly you can never have too much of it), I also discovered Divine’s wonderful 70% chocolate with orange and ginger. I picked it up in Waitrose as a treat and accidentally ate the whole bar to myself in one sitting. It has proper chunks of orange in it and it is 100% fairtrade so does good as well as tasting good – win win.



5. Hazelnut/Ferrero Rocher Brownie

Last on my list but by no means least, I’ve found a new favourite brownie. If you’ve read my Best Brownies You Can Get Delivered guide you’ll already know that my love for Bad Brownie (and brownies in general) runs deep. Imagine my delight when I discovered a flavour I hadn’t tried and it turned out to be their best flavour yet/ever. It’s a Ferrero Rocher/Hazelnut brownie (name depends where you buy from) and I am hooked. So good.

I promise I did consume some foods that weren’t all sugar during September…

What did you guys try? Any new recipes/products/things I should be hunting down?

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