Review: Figbar, Norwich

Review: Figbar, Norwich

The food scene in Norwich seems to be exploding at the moment with new London-esque places popping up every day, particularly in the Lanes area. Whilst Figbar isn’t that new anymore, having been open for well over a year, I still hadn’t had the chance to get into Norwich and check it out. As soon as I found out I’d be staying in the city overnight, I knew exactly where I had to make a beeline for…

Figbar is a dessert cafe tucked away in the Norwich lanes, near the Maddermarket. It’s the kind of place that’s perfect to grab an afternoon coffee with a friend for a chat, but can also double up as a cute date-night spot after work (it’s open until 10pm Thursday, Friday and Saturdays and serves alcohol).

I’d heard good things from friends that had been so I had high expectations already but my experience at Figbar really blew me away (those of you who follow me on Instagram will have already seen me raving about my visit). This might be a cafe but it definitely serves restaurant-quality desserts. In fact, some of the best I’ve had for a long time.

They offer a selection of plated desserts from midday and then have a counter of cakes and pastries too. We shared two of their plated desserts: the Copperhouse Strawberries and the Snickers. I could have happily chosen any of the plated desserts but they’d had a power-cut which had knocked out their fridge and meant that some desserts were unavailable on the day.

The Copperhouse Strawberries (£6) consisted of Norfolk strawberries, Adnams Copperhouse cucumber gin and tonic jelly, elderflower Chantilly, honeycomb, lemon and basil ice cream. I was a bit dubious when it arrived because all of the flavours were so strong individually but it all worked together perfectly. The lemon and basil ice cream had a very intense basil flavour and the gin and tonic jelly packed a real punch. Everything about this dish was light and refreshing.



The Snickers, in total contrast, was rich, smooth and oh-so sweet (but equally delicious). It was made of salted butter caramel, peanut parfait and chocolate mousse (£5.50). I actually am not the biggest fan of Snickers/peanuts in general but I absolutely loved this dessert – everything about it was wonderful.



Whilst sat eating the plated desserts, I’m not ashamed to say that we were eyeing up the cakes at the counter to take home for a hotel room, post-dinner midnight snack! We took home one of the Gianduja brownies (possibly the best £3 I’ve ever spent, my only regret is not buying more than one), an orange, raspberry and cardamom cake (just the right level of spice) and a chocolate and cherry cake which was deliciously fudgey (is that a word?).



We also ate their sausage roll which (yep, you guessed it) was amazing, the perfect ratio of flaky pastry to meat.

(You’ll be pleased to know that despite this huge feast I did still manage a three course meal a few hours later which I will blog about soon.)

If you’re the kind of person like me that eyes up the dessert menu before even ordering a starter then do yourself a favour and make visiting Figbar a priority next time you’re in Norwich.

[Update: I went back to Figbar for dessert when I visited Farmyard as part of Norfolk Restaurant Week in October 17. You can read about that visit and what I had at Figbar that time here].

Price: £


Address: No 23, St John Maddermarket, Norwich, NR2 1DN

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