Review: Firezza Pizza (delivery)

Review: Firezza Pizza (delivery)

The idea of including a pizza delivery on this blog seemed a little odd but since discovering Firezza and their delivery option, we have not looked back and I feel like I need to spread the joy!

As you may have guessed from my ramblings about how delicious Pizza Pilgrims was, I really love pizza. I first discovered Domino’s at uni (no judging, Domino’s didn’t deliver to my childhood home in the sticks) and now I must admit that my go-to takeaway night delivery is pizza.

I first tried Firezza after seeing lots of food lovers with good taste posting about them on Instagram. It’s cheaper if you collect, but let’s be honest when you’re getting takeaway, who can reallllllly be bothered to go out??

You buy their pizza by the metre – either a 1/4 or a 1/2. We always choose the meal deal which is £24.95 for a 1/2 metre pizza (you can choose to have two different flavours), 2 sides/desserts and dips. In my opinion this is such a bargain when you look at the quality of the ingredients compared to the likes of the big pizza chains.

The first time we had it we tried the Piccante on one half (Nduja, Gyulai (which I later found out is a Hungarian sausage) pepperoni, fresh basil, red chilli, tomato and mozzarella) and the Pollo Piccante (Cajun-roasted chicken, roasted red peppers, basil, red onion and red chilli). The crust was exactly how I like them, fluffy and chewy.

The Pollo Piccante was delicious but we both agreed that the Piccante was on another level. We did once try the Capricciosa which is prosciutto, mushrooms, pepperoni and black olives, which again was tasty (I could easily eat a whole pizza of it) but again, the Piccante just edged it.


We always get their chicken wings, which aren’t very traditional Italian but are very, very tasty and come with a Roquito pepper dip which is definitely not for the faint-hearted. I can also vouch for the potato wedges, which taste fresh and come wonderfully crispy and golden, and the sundried tomato and puy lentil salad if you want to try and pretend that you’re being healthy…



The dips taste freshly made and come in a little pot – no plastic sachets here. My favourites are the garlic and the sour cream ones – perfect for dipping the crusts in and for cooling your mouth down after particularly spicy Nduja mouthfuls!

But wait! It gets better. They truly won my heart when I found out that they actually deliver surprisingly good wine which is 3 for 2 on bottles delivered – YESSSS! They also give you generous loyalty points which you can then claim back against more pizza – woohoo!

I’m yet to try the tiramisu (partly because I know I’ll never have the willpower to save room, and partly because our local Italian’s tiramisu will be very difficult to beat), but I definitely will get it next time. [UPDATE: Tried the tiramisu, can confirm it is fabulous – not quite as good as our local Italian’s but still great.]

I’m yet to be disappointed by anything from Firezza delivery. So next time the weather is rubbish and you’re curled up in your PJs wondering what to get – if you’re lucky enough to live where they deliver, I definitely recommend Firezza! Writing this has definitely reminded me that I need to try their new restaurant that’s opened in central too. (By the way, this isn’t an ad – I’m just really enthusiastic about great pizza!).


Order Firezza delivery here:

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