Best Delivered Brownies

Best Delivered Brownies

For August I set myself the arduous task of eating a shed-load of brownies – all in the name of blogging of course… To make it even better the criteria was that they had to be ones that could be ordered online and delivered. Three words: Best. Idea. Ever.

Here’s a review of the best ones I tried. Please comment below with recommendations if you think I’ve missed some winners!

Best for unique flavours: Bad Brownie

Selection box of Bad Brownies


I’ll start with the most well-known (in London anyway) of my brownie deliveries. Bad Brownie have been a firm favourite of mine since I moved to London. I’ve eaten a lot of their brownies at markets and had a few box deliveries too. What makes BB stand out the most for me are their innovative, regularly changing flavours. Some of the best ones I’ve tried from there have been the Jaffa Cake one with its layer of tangy orange jelly (if you’re reading this BB – pleaseeeee bring it back), the KitKat, and the Eton Mess specials. The Ferrero Rocher regular one is always a solid choice and their oozing salted caramel one is consistently winning awards.

Price: They offer a monthly box with the month’s new flavours and a couple of old favourites which contains 25 decent size brownie squares. The box comes in at £25 which includes delivery.


Best for a gift: Love Brownies

What I love about Love Brownies is that you really get a feel for the care that goes in to each order, every order is meticulously wrapped and feels very personalised. You can choose from several different boxes for occasions and there’s the option to get a hand-written note to go with each one. They even add in a little card telling you which flavours are where in the box which is helpful as, unlike some of the others, the flavours aren’t obvious and they all look the same. I’ve bought them for several people as gifts and their designated day delivery has never let me down, making them a nice reliable option for a special occasion – especially with the hand-written note. They also let you choose the individual flavours in a selection box if you’d like to, something not all places offer.

The brownies themselves are rich, fudgey and densely chocolatey. They’re the smoothest of all the brownies I tried and are very moreish! I chose a box of 4 with the morello cherry, fudge, double chocolate and the orange. The orange one was my favourite, despite its plain appearance it was wonderfully tangy. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the brownies in this box and will definitely order again.

Price: £24 delivered for a mixed flavour box of 8.


Best for Blondies: Brownie Heaven

Brownie Heaven were the only ones I got blondies from. Their brownies came in a fancy-looking box and were tied up nicely into stacks inside. Again, these would make a nice gift. The badly printed sheet of A4 talking about their company let the packaging down slightly and it would have been nice to know what flavours were included since you don’t choose the specific flavours in a mixed selection box – a bit of guess work was involved as to what was in my box and which one was which! Luckily they all tasted great, so it didn’t matter! Their brownies are the crumbly variety and we enjoyed them all. The flavours weren’t as strong as some of the other ones we tried but their blondies were wonderful – sweet and buttery as they melted in your mouth.

Price: £24.95 including delivery for a box of 12 mixed flavours.


Best for pure indulgence: Yummy Yank

Yummy Yank is run by Lisa, specialising in All-American cakes and bakes. Their brownies were hefty slabs of pure calorific heaven. Not for the faint-hearted (and certainly not for the calorie conscious), their brownies were the biggest out of the lot.

I did get to choose the flavours but I’d forgotten what I’d ordered by the time they arrived (their delivery was quick, I just have a rubbish memory!). A card detailing which was which would have been great but a quick look at the website soon clarified.

I absolutely loved their All-American and Drunken Pig in the Mud brownies! The former is their take on the “slutty brownie” – Oreos, cookie dough and peanut butter cups all baked in to the brownie, the latter is a delicious brownie topped with (soya) bacon bits, pecans, sea salted caramel and whiskey. Both were different takes on flavours I’ve had before and both were perfect – despite the slightly odd texture of the chewy soya bacon, the saltiness worked so well with the rich brownie and caramel. The butterscotch one with butterscotch, white chocolate, marshmallow, caramel and dark chocolate chips was probably one of the most sickly things I’ve ever tasted – delicious but even I couldn’t make it through one of their gigantic slabs in one sitting!  The brownie texture itself sits mid-way between fudgey and crumbly and for me were the perfect balance.  The packaging was robust and again came with a little hand-written note, which was a nice touch.

Price: A box of six (where you can pick your own flavours) is £25 including delivery.


Best for like-Granny-makes brownies: Messy Brownies

A brand new family-run venture, Messy Brownies hasn’t launched fully yet. I can’t comment on their packaging etc. as they hadn’t created it when I was lucky enough to try their brownies. They’ll be launching full delivery options from their website when it’s up and running but in the meantime they’ll be taking orders through their Facebook page. The brownies themselves fall into the “crumbly on first bite but then melt in your mouth” category. They’ve got that comforting homemade style to them which I loved. I’ll be looking forward to trying some of their flavours soon.

Price: A box of 9 plain brownies will be around the £20 mark, mixed flavour boxes will be available to start delivery later in the year.

*I was kindly gifted some Messy Brownies to try as they hadn’t started selling them yet but as always this is my honest opinion.

So there you have it. My favourite brownies that can be delivered – I’d love to add some more to this list over time. Which ones do you rate? Any you think I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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