Review: Afternoon Tea at Barnham Broom, Norfolk

Review: Afternoon Tea at Barnham Broom, Norfolk

Afternoon tea reviews aren’t a new feature on this blog, there’s quite a few on here now if you want to know where to go in London but this is the first Norfolk afternoon tea I’ve reviewed since I moved this Summer. One sunny Saturday afternoon in August my Mum and I embarked on an impromptu afternoon tea at Barnham Broom Hotel. Less than half hour’s drive from Norwich, Barnham Broom is a well-known hotel/wedding venue/country club/golf club/spa in the middle of the countryside.

Sitting outside on the terrace was the original plan but wasps and I do not mix and they soon drove me back indoors. I know, I’m a wimp. We hardly missed out though because we had a lovely view over the golf course from our table, wasp-free.


The view from our table Barnham Broom Hotel


Looking through the menu I hadn’t realised that Barnham Broom do a few different afternoon teas. Much to my joy I spied a chocolate one! Now if there’s two things in life that make for a great afternoon it’s chocolate and afternoon tea – combine the two well and you’re on to a winner in my books. I’ve written about my experience of a chocolate afternoon tea before, so I was intrigued to see how Barnham Broom stacked up. You do need to book in advance but we called an hour before and they said they could accommodate us.

I arrived absolutely ravenous so I was glad that it didn’t take too long to arrive! The sandwiches had fairly standard fillings – ham and Norfolk mustard, smoked salmon with black pepper, chicken mayo and a cream cheese and cucumber. Nothing mind blowing but satisfyingly fresh, no sign of curled up corners and good enough that we ordered a second plate.

You can choose whether you’d like to swap your scone for an extra chocolate brownie, which, although I like scones, was an obvious choice for me. Chocolate-dipped strawberries, TWO chocolate brownies, white chocolate cheesecake and a dark chocolate pot each. Yes, yes yes!


Barnham Broom chocolate afternoon tea


The brownies were cracked with a slight crust on the outside and soft on the inside, dusted with icing sugar. Thumbs up from me. The dark chocolate pot, although not very dark, was smooth and rich. You can’t go too wrong with chocolate dipped strawberries. The sweet white chocolate cheesecake with the blueberry on top was just the right side of sickly. There weren’t many strawberries so another mini cake or a few truffles wouldn’t have gone amiss. Maybe that was because I swapped my scone for a less-filling (but let’s face it infinitely superior) chocolate brownie – or maybe I’m just a pig!



What I was impressed by was the value of this afternoon tea at £15.95 per person. The interior is very hotel lounge and it doesn’t include any drinks but for the views and what we got, I felt it was decent value. This afternoon tea would be the perfect way to round off a relaxing spa day or round of golf there. Service was efficient and they didn’t have any problem with us sitting chatting for ages. It doesn’t have the imagination or the finesse of the chocolate afternoon tea I had in London but it’s still a solid afternoon tea in Norfolk, and the only chocolate one in Norfolk that I know of!

Price: £

Parking: It’s got a big private car park



*Do you know of any must-try (or even better, chocolate) afternoon teas that I must try in Norfolk? Let me know in the comments below*

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