Review: The Polish Bakery

Review: The Polish Bakery

I was lucky enough to be gifted a huge TWO bags full of goodies from The Polish Bakery last weekend so naturally I’ve spent the week eating my body weight in cheesecake, sourdough and other tasty things – all in the name of blogging, of course!

The Polish Bakery are based in Wembley, were founded in 2003 and claim to be the UK’s oldest traditional Polish bakery. Everything is made the traditional Polish way, with the sourdough recipe being a closely guarded secret. I hadn’t realised that sourdough bread was a tradition in Polish food and having not had much in the way of traditional Polish fayre (I’ve only been there once on a college trip), I was excited to see what it was all like.


Polish bakery goodies


The biggest revelation for me was the traditional poppy seed cake. I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of it initially, it sounded like something that may be a treat for birds rather than chocolate-loving me, but when I tried some it was sticky, dark and seedy without tasting too seedy and I think was topped with a thin layer of chocolatey icing. I loved it, and ate the whole thing. The fruit cheesecake was also lovely with a slight lemony hint and a thin layer of jam in the middle and a cake base as opposed to biscuit which helped to keep it light. It was definitely lighter and fluffier than more traditional cheesecake and was a perfect afternoon treat.


Cakes from Polish Bakery


They gave me three whole different loaves of bread to try, much to my delight! All of the breads were sourdough but more uniform and similar to a normal bread loaf than the massive rustic sourdoughs you get. You could definitely taste the sourness and the rye one lent itself so well to a spread of butter and some strong cheese. The other two were delicious toasted with poached eggs and crushed avocado for breakfast and toasted very well. Sometimes I find rye bread too dry but theirs wasn’t at all, it had an intense flavour that went well with savoury toppings whilst retaining some moisture.

They even kindly threw in an apron which came in very handy when experimenting with all the recipes I’ve made this week!

If you’re out Wembley way, I definitely recommend stopping in and picking yourself up some freshly baked bread and cakes, because who doesn’t love freshly baked goodies!


Nearest station: Alperton

Address: Stonebridge House, 272 Abbeydale Road, Wembley.


I was gifted the goodies from The Polish Bakery but as always the opinions are 100% honest and mine.

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