The Best Chocolate in Norfolk and Suffolk

The Best Chocolate in Norfolk and Suffolk

Across Norfolk and Suffolk we are blessed to have so many wonderful independent chocolatiers. With National Chocolate Week this week and Christmas shopping dilemmas on the horizon, I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favourite chocolate in Norfolk and Suffolk. Regular readers of No Mean Feast and followers of my Instagram will know that my love for chocolate runs deep, I love it in all shapes and forms. Here’s my guide to the the best chocolate in Norfolk and Suffolk.

NB. This might sound like it’s full of sponsored content and ads, but aside from one gift (which is clearly marked) these chocolates are all ones that I have bought (and in most cases regularly buy!) with my own money and love. None of these are sponsored, ads or affiliate links. 


For the best selection of single origin chocolates… Pump Street Chocolate

Based in Orford, Suffolk, Pump Street are some of the UK’s most renowned Bean to Bar chocolatiers, producing high quality single origin bars. Using beans from one place (aka a single origin) means that the individual flavours of the beans really come through.  They do some amazing bars from right around the world including ones with Sourdough and Rye bread crumbs from their Pump Street Bakery. They do selection boxes of some of their most popular bars too.


Pump Street Bakery ecuador bar


Buy online:


For the most ethical chocolate… Tosier

If you’re a chocolate nerd, chances are you’ll probably have already tried Tosier. If you haven’t, you need to – they’re racking up the awards. Their website tells you all about the origins of each harvest of beans as well as the environmental and economical impact on the local area. All of the bars are hand made in small batches and they’re all too happy to tell you about the farmers involved in making each bar and how they are paid. The Mayan 70% bar I tried was one of the fruitiest single origins bars I’ve tried and all of their bars are wonderfully distinctive in flavour. They all happen to be vegan and gluten free too.


Tosier chocolate


Tosier are stocked across Norfolk, Suffolk and London. Find out where here:


For easy to eat bars in fun flavours… Gnaw

Single origin fancy chocolate is all well and good but if you’re anything like me there’ll also be times that a solid bar of Dairy Milk or Galaxy hit the spot. It’s the same as gourmet burgers and McDonalds, wood-fired oven pizza and Domino’s – there’s a place in my life (and tummy) for both. For me, Gnaw is a great equivalent whilst not sacrificing on quality. They do loads of inventive flavours and are cheap, fun and best of all… made in Norfolk!


Gnaw from Norfolk


Buy online here and you can get them in Sainsbury’s now too.


For some adventurous bars… Harrison Chocolatiers

These guys are brand new to the Norfolk chocolate scene but have some really interesting flavour combinations. The smoked seed trail mix with goji berries 70% was smokey and salty – like a grown up fruit and nut. The rhubarb and gin 70% bar was unusual in dark chocolate and I enjoyed it, it maybe could have been punchier for a rhubarb lover like me! The peanut and caramel milk chocolate bar was another winner in our house and didn’t last long. Bonus: they also try to use all local ingredients in their chocolates.


Harrison Chocolatiers


Details of where to find them and how you can contact them are here

*I was very kindly gifted these chocolates by Harrison Chocolatiers after I enquired about buying some, as always the opinion is 100% mine


For an impressive gift… Artisan by Saffire

These are probably the most beautiful chocolates I’ve seen coming out of Norfolk, they’re works of art individually and a box of truffles together look striking. They do lots of single origin bars and chocolate gifts but the real stars of the show here are the handmade truffles and filled chocolates. You pick your own flavours from the counter or online (which is tough!) and the great thing is that all you can actually identify all of the tastes inside each one. I chose apple and ginger, orange and blackcurrant, champagne, dark orange, hazelnut praline and all sorts of other interesting flavours. These boxes of chocolates make the perfect gift.


Pretty box of chocolates


You can order them online here but they also have a shop at Taverham Garden Centre.


For the best vegan/gluten free/soya free truffles… Booja-Booja

I must admit, I was skeptical when I first heard about Booja-Booja. For me, the label of gluten, dairy and soya free might as well have read “taste-free”. I was wrong. Very wrong indeed. I was bought the six flavour “Gourmet Selection” box as a present from my Dad and absolutely loved them all. I’ve endured some terrible vegan chocolate in the past but somehow Booja-Booja have created incredibly silky smooth, rich truffles that melt in your mouth – something I didn’t think was possible without dairy. Wizardry, I’m sure. Their Easter egg even won against most of the big brands’  “normal” dairy/gluten eggs in blind taste tests this year.


Booja Booja chocolate box


You can find them in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Wholefoods and loads of independent stores across the UK. To find where you can buy them near you, click here.


For the best caramels… B Chocolate

Specifically, their sea salt and honey truffles. A box makes a cute gift that doesn’t break the bank and the honey comes from local beekeepers along the Suffolk coast. They sit on the firmer side of caramel and are sprinkled with some sea salt flakes. They won a Great Taste Award a few years back and trying some more of their chocolates is high on my priority list.


B honey and sea salt box


Order them online or buy them across East Anglia and London in a stockist near you. Details for both are here.


Where have I missed? Are there any amazing chocolatiers that I need to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.


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